Benefits of Freshfam

  • 30% Savings Year-Round
  • Always Free Shipping
  • Access to Exclusive Products
  • Auto-ship or Order When You Need

"I discovered Freshfield on Amazon where I bought my first bottle of Vegan Omega 3. I've been a Freshfam member for a few months now and not only love their products (I now take Ashwagandha) but also their friendly customer service."

David Yates - California

19 JAN 2020 12:21

"Really happy to have found a plant-based option that suits me and my husband's needs. Thanks Freshfield!"

Breanna Bailey - British Columbia

10 MAR 2020, 14:42

"Freshfam is just great. I used subscribe to another brand and would have too many bottles coming in because it was shipped every 30 days. Now I can save money AND order when I need. Glad a health brand finally offered something like this."

Sarah Roanhaus - Oregon

12 FEB 2020, 08:14